Stark Shirt | Bone Satin
Stark Shirt | Bone Satin
Stark Shirt | Bone Satin
Stark Shirt | Bone Satin

Stark Shirt | Bone Satin

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When has a shirt ever been out of place? But, wow, trying to find the right one...

How is it supposed to fit? Are the sleeves too long/ too short? Is it long enough to tuck? Will I lose my life busy ironing it? Are my shoulders going to turn it into a straight jacket? Do I button all the way up? What's the spacing between the buttons? Will I pop a button!? 

Challenge = accepted.

This girl is STARK (adjective /'stärk/ archaic: strong, brave, robust)

Oh and big! One oversized size, giving you a relaxed fit. Uncomplicated pleat front with a crisp collar and statement cuff detailing. Long sleeves can be rolled up. And rrrest.... she's easy iron and has no buttons whatsoever. 

Plays nicely with a turtleneck underneath (trust, there's space!) and tucked into the front of your jeans, à la "French tuck". She may occasionally drop off your shoulders in an effortless, but EXTRA kinda way... ya feel me?

Cut from a medium weight hammered satin composed of 100% Viscose. Slinky and smooth to the touch. Creaseproof.

Tumi is 174cm / 5'8.5" and wearing the One Size.

Made in South Africa.