*LIMITED EDITION* Maxi Quest Dress | Dahlia
*LIMITED EDITION* Maxi Quest Dress | Dahlia

*LIMITED EDITION* Maxi Quest Dress | Dahlia

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“To begin is the most important part of any quest and by far the most courageous.” – Plato *

V neck floor-length maxi dress with an ultra-flattering drapey front  » hello Greek goddess «  featuring a centre slit and colossal sleeves that give you some major “I’m like a bird” feels. Designed for an easy fit, elasticated in the waist, this dress is ready for your quest, and be it cocktail / mocktail, you’re all dressed up and have everywhere to go! 

Cut from super soft 100% Viscose with a beautiful drape and slight sheen.

 Made in South Africa.

* Plato was a philosopher during the classical period in Ancient Greece and one of the first men to put the thought of equality among sexes in writing: Equal education and jobs for women. Whatever his intention, one could argue that he implanted the first feminist thought in western society that’s helped us change the minds of the misogynistic men in authority that opposed the idea of women as anything else but caregivers.